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Samvadiya is committed to creating absolutely beautiful paper stationery. In this pursuit, Samvadiya takes inspiration from medieval Indian, Mughal and Persian Art styles and feed it back into today’s cultural juxtaposition and ultra modern technology laden world! The reason is simple – Samvadiya draws human attention to the soft, beautiful and intriguing organic world that minds are far from figuring out. While we may have made giant strides into virtual connectivity, computational sciences, we are very far from cracking the code behind patterns of growing plants, flowers and many naturally existing wonders. Soft lotus petals, freely spawning leaflets and graceful birds continue to enchant us. When minds are tiered from analytical challenges, they find unlimited pleasure gazing at things that are simply beautiful! These simple and beautiful representations form the fabric of ancient Arts which resulted from learning from observation.

Samvadiya has found a way to bring this beauty to today’s life in a meaningful way of using it in paper articles. Samvadiya (‘messenger’) staying true to it’s meaning, makes it possible for you to send or convey your special message – when you know that a typed email will not be sufficient.

It is our honest effort to provide high quality, original paper stationery and invites that are almost ‘works of art’.

(Samvadiya Cards, Invitations and paper stationery use original art only which is developed in-house. We are passionately committed to revive Indian and other ethnic arts and motifs from late medieval era and the early modern period)

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Samvadiya (Seema Sawhney)
Owner – Samvadiya Cards

Motivation – ‘Samvadiya’ the story

Asian Indians in the olden days hired a Samvadiya (Hindi for ‘messenger’) to convey special or important messages across the villages. A Samvadiya was not an ordinary person rather someone who was well trained in the art of conveying messages – in the right style, tone and language.

A wedding invitation is a modern day Samvadiya, which conveys the message of your most important day to all those who matter to you. The delicate designs and themes of SamvadiyaCards balance culture, style and uniqueness making sure that your message is conveyed in the manner you want!

(The art, design compositions, photos and content is original, created by the designer and is copyrighted.)