Forever question, how to choose an invitation…

Six years and counting, Samvadiya eats, drinks and breathes invitations. I sit back and ask myself, well how should someone pick an invitation?. There are millions of styles, how can there ever be a best one? Really, there isn’t a best one.
I had a client, who chose our Vrinda Van invite and I did not really know why. I did not figure that out until we were done with the first round of proofing and she asked for the larger tree in the Vrinda Van composition to be added to the RSVP card. She said “This tree resembles just the one at our wedding location.”. Ah ha, there was the answer. So dear Samvadiya customers and beloved brides and grooms, choose one with the elements you are closely connected to!

Find elements and representations that link to your experiences and memories; landmarks that are significant to your love. And then you’ve got a priceless invitation!



आज फिर दिल ने एक तमन्ना की
आज फिर दिल को हमने समझाया

Once again, I wished for you
Once again,  I held my desires…

-Javed Akhtar (Indian poet)

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